beyond country

revelations (Curb/M CA)

By Michael W. Stout

The more prominent half of one of country music's most. successful and magical duos of all time — Wynonna — bares her soul on her third solo effort, appropriately titled revelations. Tagged country, this release caters to all genres, including rootsy country, soulful rhythm and blues and spirited gospel. Judging by her new sound, the former Miss Judd could easily be mistaken for Willie Nelson and Aretha Franklin's love child. Nashville's former wild child has matured both emotionally and musically. Revelations allows Wynonna to translate her deepest emotions concerning love and her personal meaning of life (son Elijah) into musical bliss. Never before has an album so greatly reflected such a perfect, mirror-image of one's most inner-being, one's every heartbeat.

Once devoted fans overcome the hurdle of accepting the fact that Wynonna has apparently outgrown her country roots and they accept her for the powerful voice that she is, they will soon realize that this album is her deepest and most fulfilling material yet. Granted, it may take several listens to convince oneself, but don't give up too soon. Although not inherently destined for commercial success due to the lack of conformity to country radio standards, revelalions is the perfect album to snuggle up with and warm your soul.

Wynonna is obviously trying to make a statement that is more lyrical than musical on the ten cuts offered here. Highlights include the tender, pleading "To Be Loved By You," a greasy rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" and the heartwarming "Love By Grace." Don't miss this one it might just help you reveal and fulfill your own deep, dark emotions and desires.