Country Music I.Q. Test

By Michael W. Stout

So you call yourself a country music fan, huh? Well, just how well do you know your favorite country music stars? Test your country music IQ by matching the real name of each of the stars in the left column to his/her stage name in the right column. To make things a little more challenging, there are some extra names in the right column.Good luck!

1. Brenda Gail Webb

a. Marty Stuart

2. Doug Brooks

b. Wynonna

3. Sarah Cannon

c. Garth Brooks

4. Audrey Perry

d. Tammy Wynette

5. Louis Marshall Jones

e. Ray Charles

6. Harold Jenkins

f. Floyd Cramer

7. Patricia Ramey

g. Kitty Wells

8. Leon Eric Brooks

h. Faith Hill

9. Virginia Pugh

i. Neal McCoy

10. Ray Robinson

j. Dolly Parton

11. Muriel Deason

k. Buck Owens

12. Hubert McGauhey Jr.

l. Minnie Pearl

13. Christina Ciminella

m. Conway Twitty

14. Brenda Mae Tarpley

n. Brenda Lee

15. Frank Anthony Kuczynski

o. George Jones

16. Alvis Edgar Owens Jr.

p. Roy Rogers

17. Floyd Wray

q. Collin Raye

18. Martin David Robinson

r. Shania Twain

19. Leonard Franklin Slye

s. Randy Travis

20. Ray Ragsdale

t. Marty Robbins

21. Troyal Brooks

u. Pee Wee King

22. Randy Traywick

v. Kix Brooks

w. Doug Stone

x. Grandpa Jones

y. Randy Owens

z. Ray Stevens

aa. Crystal Gayle

bb. Patty Loveless

cc. Patsy Cline


21- 22: You must be a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

16-20: Can you play guitar? Garth needs a guitarist to replace Ty England.

11-15: Not too bad. Maybe you should get out of the pea patch every now and then.

6-10: So, you think Dolly’s hair is real?

1-5: Turn down the rock music, it’s too loud!

Answers: 1aa, 2w, 3l, 4h, 5x, 6m, 7bb, 8v, 9d, 10e, 11g, 12i, 13b, 14n, 15u, 16k, 17q, 18t, 19p, 20z, 21c, 22s