Letters to the Editor

Ian Moore Unnoticed?

Did I miss something, or did Ian Moore blaze through Louisville with a stunning set at the Toy Tiger March 27 which went completely unnoticed?! He is a phenomenal talent, a knock-out combination of singer / songwriter / guitar player extraordinaire, and his set at the Tiger showcased it all. A major oversight in our music community.

Don Meade

Louisville, KY 40241

(Thanks for your letter; we're happy to know that you're reading LMN. We did cover the Ian Moore concert; however, the final layout of our April issue was completed even as our reviewer was enjoying the concert. See review by Michael Campbell, this issue. — Editor.)

On unions, public TV, guitar pulls

(The following letter was designated "Word to the Public.")

After reading the Music News about music unions, and public access television, I was compelled to write.

I have an idea plan to give all local musicians a fair chance to get exposure on television, and the opportunity to have a free recording session so that a CD (or album) could be produced containing the musicians' original songs.

I think it was Paul Moffett who coined the phrase "A Guitar Pull," and that would be a good name for a television show where local musicians and vocalists could perform, while the public phoned in their votes to choose the performer that would get the free recording session.

I have a weekly television show on Channel 18. My show is presently on at 11:30 p.m. Fridays. I produce the show by myself. I write all of the scripts and all of the songs that are on my show. I play all of the musical instruments. I operate the camera and all of the sound equipment.

Any musician who wants to be on my show, and any viewer who wants to vote on the future (guitar pull) "show downs" should call (502) 776-0189.

I once had a deep respect for unions in America, for the unions helped to raise the standard of living for the working class. But after I worked in America's worst sweat shops I had the opinion that maybe the unions were helping to lower our standard of dying.

I made trucks, cars, farm tractors and houses for Americans, and I watched "our" government use "our" tax money and "our" military to protect "our" allies overseas so that "our" allies (Japan, Germany, etc.) could concentrate on helping "their" companies to cheaply produce trucks and cars to send to America and drive American workers into the poor house (or the nut house).

"Our" government also helps "some" musicians through programs like the Endowment for the Arts. The local music newspapers, radio, or TV stations may be getting help from the government.

I do my weekly TV show for free, and if you have seen some of my shows, then you know I do preach the gospel.

I invite the Louisville Music News staff to join me to start my new project.

Jack D. Spurling

Louisville, KY 40212

(Speaking for LMN, let me assure you that if this local music newspaper is getting help from the government, it's news to me. Also, while Paul Moffett appreciates your sentiments, he cannot take credit for the phrase "guitar pull." Thanks for the invitation to join you as you start your new project. The LMN staff wishes you luck but must plead "so many ideas, so little time." — Editor.)