A Letter From the Editor

Dear Readers,

With the publication of our March 1996 issue, Louisville Music News completed seven years of writing about the local music scene. And despite more than a few obstacles, we didn't miss an issue. I'm very proud of that.

The years have been exciting, demanding, exhilarating, challenging, difficult . . . and more. During those years I have met many wonderful people — some of them very famous, some not famous at all.

As with all good things, however, my position with the newspaper must come to an end; this May issue of Louisville Music News will be my last as its editor. Please know that the decision was not an easy one for me to make.

Naturally, a lot of things have been left undone, a lot of stories unwritten. The Louisville area can be proud of its many talented musicians; they should all have a story.

My business partner, Paul Moffett, plans to continue to publish Louisville Music News without interruption, and I wish him well. Bob Bahr is busily readying a cover story on Rachel's for the June issue, and other interesting articles are in the works. Paul and I are in the process of working out the details related to ownership of our corporation. I believe, however, that he has wanted to be the sole or majority owner of Louisville Music News, Inc. for some time.

I especially want to express heartfelt appreciation to all the writers, photographers, cartoonists and other contributors who have helped make Louisville Music News the interesting newspaper we feel it has become. I have worked with some of the best. Thanks for your help and for your patience with a frequently harried editor.

A huge thank you also to the people who have supported our newspaper with their advertising over the years. We still remember who gave us our first check. Thank you, Gary.

My sincere appreciation to all the just plain nice people who have paid us compliments and offered words of encouragement. Those words have meant more than you can know.

I am especially looking forward to spending more time with family and friends. And I'll probably get around to putting photographs in albums, sewing a few buttons on my husband's shirts, and sitting out on the deck watching the squirrels frolic. The list of things to do is endless; fortunately this list is only in my head, not written on a legal pad.

And I just might discover the creativity to write that elusive hit song I've wanted for a very long time.

Best wishes to all of you. And keep the music coming.

Jean Metcalfe