Chris Chandler

By Bill Ede

Chris Chandler first hit Louisville in the fall of '89, singing about "things political" at a time when political discourse seemed but a whisper. (Rush Limbaugh had not yet conquered New York, much less the world.) Chandler's "Watergate Generation" perspectives, as viewed from the inside of a Volkswagen Jetta criss-crossing the continent Woody Guthrie-style, were fresh and took on target like Oliver North, Jesse Helms and William Bennett, but not without getting in a few good jabs at liberals as well, in songs such as his "Whole Wheat Left," among others.

Since that time, Chandler has been winning over fans and critics alike at folk festivals and coffeehouses throughout America and Canada. His recent recordings feature commentaries on Limbaugh, evil and the street person practice of "dumpster diving," all of which can be heard on his new CD, Generica (recorded with ex-partner Amanda Stark under the name Stark Raving Chandler).

Chandler will be in town putting across his current personal take on "the state of the nation" on Saturday, November 23, at the Flashback, formerly Uncle Pleasant's, where Chandler appeared several times in the early '90s.

Bill Ede will open for Chandler - Ed.