Watch God Move (Benson Company)
Colorado Mass Choir

By Victoria Moon

If only church was this much fun when I was young, I might not have suffered through all those religious crises I went through as I got older. In my own experience, there is a tendency to make religious praise and worship a complex mixture of liturgy, recitations, and hymns written in 1742 that no one but your church has sung since its writing. Not that there's neccessarily anything wrong with this approach, but when groups like the Colorado Mass Choir burst into our staid routine with their fresh sound and powerful groove, it's a breath of fresh air--and way more fun.

From their get-on-your-feet-and-wave-those-hands opening number, "Stir Up The Gift" to the very end, this is a lesson in just how exciting praise and worship can be. Now admittedly, I'm a sucker for a good choir with a groove anyway, but this is exceptional stuff. Not only do they make their right-on vocals sound easy, they infuse energy and joy into every song. The lyrics of the songs ring out with a spiritual-style simplicity that brings the listener back to the essence of their faith, and a reminder that joy can still exist in the midst of struggle. When they shift from their high-energy praise songs like "I'm Going Away" or "Get Excited" to worship songs like "He's Worthy To Be Praised", the sound is pure majesty.

Watch God Move is enjoyable listening, top-notch praise and worship, and best of all, a dose of heady encouragement on that long journey towards Heaven. As one of singers on the album invites: "let's have church, y'all!"