East of Eden

By Paul Moffett

Vince Emmett and Charles Ellis are picking up some really intriguing commissions. Following their successful movie score for Pharoh's Army, they are now writing the background score for Actor's Theatre's production of East of Eden, based on John Steinbeck's epic novel. The production, set to run Oct. 23 – Nov. 23, features two large plays, each three hours long. The story spans sixty years, from 1862 to 1920.

Emmett noted that the score is not the same is a movie soundtrack, which often must be in the background. During the play, the music will very much up front, he said.

The music is "very American. Lots of guitars, including strange resonator guitars in the beginning," said Emmett. Toward the end of the plays, the score is more orchestrated, with more melodic organ, he noted.

"We can't use an instrument that wasn't invented yet," he laughed.

The music will be recorded and replayed via sequencing during for the play.

"Working with Jon Jory has been a privilege," Emmett noted. "We're seeing how the big time plays at put together."

The East of Eden production was made possible by a grant from Brown-Forman Corporation. For information and ticket package reservation, call (502) 584-1205 or 800-428-5849.