The Jesus Lizard and Kinghorse at the Toy Tiger/ Neurosis at Phoenix Hill Tavern

By Laura Karnes

It was two consecutive nights of heavy music, from punk to industrial death metal.

The Jesus Lizard and Kinghorse played a sold-out show at the Toy Tiger on August 27. While The Jesus Lizard was the headliner, Louisville hardcore legends Kinghorse played an awesome opening set! The crowd was so into the band that the barricade was almost knocked down several times during the show.

When Kinghorse finished, left behind was a sweaty mosh pit of people ready for some more ragin' music. They were not as happy as they would have liked to have been after the Jesus Lizard hit the stage. The mood seemed to quiet down a bit; the music just wasn't as powerful.

The Jesus Lizard is more punk oriented, somewhat in the vein of the Sex Pistols. The music wasn't so bad; but the band just didn't really seem into it.

On the other hand, Kinghorse was way into it. These guys are raw, real, and put on one hell of a show. Judging by the crowd reaction, I would say that this was Kinghorse's show.

The following night, Neurosis played the Roof Garden at Phoenix Hill Tavern.

Not being familiar with this band, I didn't know what to expect. Touring in support of their current CD, Silver in Blood, Neurosis is a four-piece band with the usual lineup: guitar, bass, drums and vocals, but the two guitar players also played drums during much of the show.

The best way to describe Neurosis would be as a mixture of neurotic industrial and death metal styles.

During the show, a video screen behind the band continuously showed such things as goat heads, embryos, and crucifixion-like scenes. I didn't really see the significance of the video screen. I guess it was just a little insight into the band's mental state.

Maybe writing and playing neurotic songs is cheaper than therapy.