Kings X and Galactic Cowboys at the Toy Tiger

By Laura Karnes

Music comes from deep inside you."

That was a line from one of the songs performed by Kings X on August 21 at the Toy Tiger. I agree, and with Kings X, you definitely get the feeling that the music does come from deep inside these talented players.

Kings X vocalist and bassist Doug Pinnick has so much feeling and soul in his voice that at moments during the show, the crowd was actually quiet, just listening to the man sing.

While Pinnick seems to draw the most attention as frontman, the other two members of the band aren't lagging behind. Guitarist Ty Tabor, who also has an excellent voice, and drummer Jerry Gaskill played their hearts out to the very appreciative crowd.

Kings X performed songs from their latest release, Ear Candy, as well old favorites "Dogman" and "Black Flag." This band has a surprisingly big sound for a three-piece act, but these guys know what they're doing and it definitely comes across in their performances.

Galactic Cowboys opened the show with an impressive set of bluesy, melodic rock, similar to Kings X style, but a little heavier.

The Galactic Cowboys band has a new album out titled "Machine Fish."