News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Karnes

Greetings to all people of the pit! Hope everyone has been bangin' their heads to some loud and heavy music. Read on for the latest news from the scene.

N Inhuman is back together with a new drummer, Tique, formerly of the band Inhale, and a new guitarist, Mark Fanning. This new and improved lineup will debut on Halloween, along with other locals Luther, Creed, and Faceplant. I had a sneak preview of a couple of new songs and they were sounding wicked! Be on the lookout for more shows to be announced.

N Some sad news to report. Shaun Carlos Tique, a musician, engineer and producer who worked with local bands My Own Victim, Shattered Reality, and others, died in September of an apparent suicide. He had recently signed a recording contract with Miscellaneous Records and was about to release an album of his own music. He was 28 years old and is survived by a wife and daughter. He will be greatly missed by the local music community.

N Shattered Reality is going to release their second project, a six-song EP, which will be on cassette. (This was Shaun Tique's last project) This tape features a new lineup with a bit of a new sound from the band's first CD. I have heard some of the new material and it is some good stuff. The tape should be available in about two weeks, so make sure you pick it up. Check out the song "Into the Blind." It rocks!

N Creed has finally found a new drummer, Allen York, who has played in cover bands. They have also finished recording a new tape, which will be titled Kick A** White Trash Hillbilly Music (cool title!). My Own Victim drummer, Ivan Arnold, played on the recording. The tape will be available for five bucks and you can get it at Showcase Music, Better Days Records, and Ear X-tacy.

N Stoneflesh is still in the process of recording a new tape to be called Generic Borne. I had a listen to some of the songs that will be on the tape and they remind me of a heavier Pearl Jam, especially the vocals. The music is a little light to be described as metal, but I would still classify it as heavy music, only not as aggressive-sounding as most metal.

The first couple of songs on the tape are mellow, then the mood picks up with a heavier sound. "Swamped" and "Raptured Nest" rock pretty hard! Be looking for some upcoming shows.

N If you're a true fan of hard rock and you like to read, check out David La Duke's Ballbuster magazine, subtitled The Official International Underground Hard Music Report."

This is a thin magazine, but it's packed with reviews of signed and unsigned bands, interviews, and the latest news from the metal scene. One thing it doesn't have a lot of is advertisements and pictures, which is a good thing.

No space is wasted in this magazine, that's for sure! I'm glad to see such good support for heavy music. Cheers to Mr. La Duke! I recommend this as required reading for all metalheads.

N Went to the Bud Bash in September, featuring Creed, Point of Anger, Faceplant, and Stoneflesh-more on that in the next issue.

That's all the news for the time being. Until next time….see ya in the pit!