Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Cheryl Farris, receptionist and secretary at the Musician's Union has left there to take a new job at a physician's office. Cheryl says thanks to all the musicians she's gotten to know over the years.

Attention, Jugheads: a new player has been added to the Juggernaut Jug Band. Tin Pan Alan Brock, fiddle/guitar, now aids the looney Mr. Fish and Roscoe Goose.

Gordon Graham phoned to say that he was playing lunches (Noon-3) at Primizie Pizza on Theatre Square, Monday - Friday.

I Told You So Twice Dept. Our reviewer Bob Mitchell faxed us (twice, in fact) the news that the Lynn Morris CD he raved about in a review in LMN has made it to the top of the Bluegrass Unlimited National Bluegrass Survey.

Alan Rhody has been getting on the glass reality box, including "Prime Time Country" and "TNN Country News" on TNN and a local [Nashville] talk show. He also was a perfomer at the Bluebird for a show carried live on the Internet.

Is your child ready for the stage? Then take him or her to Actor's Theatre on Sept.7, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., to audition for Actor's annual production of A Christmas Carol. Roles are available for one girl, age 9-11, who is no taller than 5' 2" and for two boys, ages 7-13, who are no taller than 5'4". If your child wants to be Tiny Tim, then he or she must be no taller than 4'6". Auditioning children must prepare a short, memorized poem of any nature, be able to sing a hymn or ballard without a piano and must bring a recent photo of themselves.

Call 502-584-1265 for more information.

What's Opera Redux. Bugs and Elmer skimmed through a lot of opera knowledge in the 1957 classic "What's Opera?," but you don't have to skip a thing if you sign up for "The Lively Art of Opera 1996-97" at U of L. This series of ten lectures, presented by several opera experts, including Thompson Smillie and Robin Stamper of the Kentucky Opera, will particularly reference productions to be performed during the Opera's 1996-97 season. It's also an accredited course, so there's tuition. Call 852-607 for information and registration.

We were talking about U of L, weren't we? Come fall and the high school clubs are washing cars and the band members are holding a bake sale. Traditional fund-raising techniques work consistently. So to the upcoming Faculty Gala Recital at the University of Louisville School of Music on September 6, in the North Recital Hall, at 8 o'clock. Performing will be the Faculty Jazz Sextet, Brass Quintet and Woodwind Quintet. All who are informed about the quality of musicianship in the faculty there will anticipate these recitals with pleasure. This year, they're offering reserved seating. So, go and enjoy and donate a little cash to the School of Music at the same time. Call 852-6907 for information and tickets.

Ben Andrews from Ramcat studio called to say he had been recording quite a bit, including a four-song demo from Too Wet to Plow, Bryan Hurst's [formerly of the New Deal and Strict 9] new band.

A New Bardstown Road Recording Studio. Keith Shaw has opened Final Mix Recording Studio at 1123 Bardstown Road, in the rear of a building in which his wife has a gallery. Shaw has recently changed careers, from engineering in avionics to recording engineers. "I know how the wires and knobs and such work," Shaw said. Offering forty tracks mixed down to ADAT, Shaw believes that there is a market for medium-priced studio recording.

His hours are 2 p.m. until 11 p.m.. Telephone number is 456-4436.

Smoketown Blues Club Opens. B.B. Taylor has opened the Smoketown Blues Club at Jackson and Caldwell. The site was formerly Ted's Place and has an eye-catching red and black exterior, according to Keith Clements, LMN's blues columnist. The B. B. Taylor Blues Band will be the house band, but it's a blues club, so look for lots of sit-ins by blues players. The club will be open Friday through Sunday.

Key Changes

Eddie C. Camden, 87, died on August 20. Camden was the leader of the Eddie Camden Orchestra and had appeared on the Jack Benny television show. He was member of American Federation of Musicians Local 802 in New York, Local 5 in Detroit and Local 11-637 in Louisville.

William H. Wallace, 66, died on August 4. Wallace was the founder of the Kosair Pipes & Drums, the Louisville Pipe Band and the Glasgow Pipe Band. He was featured in LMN's Celtic Corner in November 1995.

George Workman, 86; his wife, Wilma 'Janie' Workman, and their son James A. Workman, 41, died on August 4 in a double murder-suicide. The elder Workman and his wife were regular performers with Randy Atcher on the "Hayloft Hoedown" television show.Ms. Workman was a singer and her husband was a bass player.

Winston says:

When they outlaw music, only outlaws will have instruments.