News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Karnes

Hey fellow moshers, what's up? Hope you liked my introductory column in the August issue of this fine publication. Read on for the latest news that I have from the scene.

Victor Hillerich reports that My Own Victim will be going into the studio in October to record ten songs for a new CD. The band will then tour Europe and the states, possibly with Sepultura.

Although without a permanent drummer; Creed is recording a new tape with My Own Victim's drummer, Ivan Arnold, with whom they wrote four new songs. I gave their 1995 release a listen and this is some good stuff! I would describe it as very heavy, but also with sort of an alternative sound. "Lice," "Under This Rock," and "Ultradown" kick butt and the rest of the tape rocks, too. I'm looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

Creed is looking for a drummer – a hard hitter with a lot of energy. If this sounds like you, call Andrew at Showcase Music at 634-8010.

The band formerly known as Inhuman is currently looking for a new vocalist. For more information call Erich at 635-9149.

Shattered Reality has finished recording a new tape and should be releasing it soon.

Chris from Stoneflesh states that the band is working on a tape that will be titled Generic Borne. Be looking for some upcoming shows.

Caught the bands Incrypted Flesh, Undecided, and Mindstorm playing in somebody's backyard one Friday night in July. Lots of growls were heard – it was definitely a death metal night!

Shapeless Matrix, Point of Anger, and Choad played at Bullseye's in August.

A good night of metal, although the sound could have been better.

That's about all the news I've got for this month.

Check out next month's issue for more on new releases (Hopefully I will have some reviews) and any upcoming shows.

Remember – Support local metal!

Until next time….. see ya in the pit!