I'll wait for the movie

Guerrilla Rock (


By Ray Rizzo

Come to my house, I'll play Guerrilla Rock for you -- front to back -- all while you stare into the face of Superdude. It might make for a good evening. Superdude will tell you all about the slick underbelly of his self-proclaimed, re-emerging glam-rock universe. He does it with drum machines, sampled gorilla roars, screaming guitars, a female doo-wop chorus dubbed the "Dudettes," and a "12-tone interlude" (his proud description).

Superduded wants to be Lou Reed but misses the point. Take this verse from "Bloody Lip":

Now let's see what it's all about

No need for you to scream and shout

All we can do is have a good cry

Hush my face, button my fly

The press release boasts Superdude's use of double entendre, so maybe I'm missing something. I'm sure the subject matter is ugly, but the effort is pedestrian and, well really funny.

Superdude claims to be one of the only members of Andy Warhol's Factory who has never kissed and told ("Though I did plenty of kissing and telling back then," his press release brags). But 20-plus years after the heyday of VU and the New York Dolls, it seems that the only way bystanders of the era can find legitimacy is by telling all. Sorry, dude. History is cruel.

However, as I stare into the Italian megalomaniacal pucker on the album cover, and listen to the 'dude sing lines like "I'm no easy mark/I'm no easy mark, you see," I am charmed. And I offer sincere support to John Pergamo (the brains behind Superdude) to try a better angle: the story of a kid from Brooklyn who runs for the mafia by day, dreaming of being a glam rocker at night. I give you "SUPERDUDE -- THE MOVIE."