Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Well, didn't it rain? I hope none of you got serious water. By now, just maybe, those of you who did will be getting things under control again. I think that ought to hold us for a spell. It was what the old folks back home would call a gully washer and a trash mover. Yeah, and from some of the sights we saw, a lot of trash was moved. The leftovers will give new meaning to the Ohio River sweep this year.

Needless to say, it was a flood-out at Shepherdsville on the Friday Gary Brewer and the Kentucky Ramblers were supposed to be there. I guess we will all have to go to an extra show or two to make up for it.

The Country Music Place at Shepherdsville had some water during the flood but they have recovered very nicely. A few of the new theater seats were damp, but that will soon go away. They were cleaned up very well and the restrooms got a long-over remodeling the process.

The first show after the flood at Shepherdsville was Fresh Cut Grass. A small crowd, big comments about the show and the harmony.

I hope you are reading a copy of this in time, because coming up is a must-see show on April 3, with Jim and Jesse and the Lewis Family. Big night.

On April 4, see the Boys from Middle Creek and the Sunnysiders, for a gospel night. On April 11, my buddy and very popular entertainer with many fans in this area, Randall Hylton will be there. April 18 brings Kentucky Blue and the season closer on April 25 is Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver plus Fresh Cut Grass.

As of this writing, a Flood Benefit show is planned for April 20, but bands have not yet been announced. All proceeds will be turned over to the Salvation Army for use in flood relief projects.

The Fort Knox Federal Credit Union had its member's meeting on March 11. For the first time, there was a band set up on stage. I really didn't know what to expect and honestly had some doubts. As the band gathered on stage and a young lady picked up a banjo that I had not noticed, my outlook changed considerably. When they launched into their show, I could tell right away that it was going to be okay.

I had not seen or heard of this Nashville-based band, called Tim Watson and Black Creek. Besides Watson on fiddle, it was composed of Mark Dreyer on guitar, Robin Ruddy on banjo and a good bass player whose name I did not get. For an hour, they presented an energetic, entertaining, audience-pleasing show, as good as I have seen for quite a while. This group has worked at Opryland, the Opry, fairs and other events around the country, offering up a well-rounded show of comedy, good picking, good bluegrass and gospel. (Note to C. R. Wilson: they should come to Shepherdsville.)

At the Credit Union meeting, there were several hundred people, many of whom obviously did not like bluegrass and yet they were roaring with laughter and applause and jumped to their feet for a standing ovation when the band finished. The crowd bought many tapes, CDs and videos. It was very impressive. They were all good musicians, and the leader, Tim Watson, as an excellent fiddle player. If you haven't caught them yet, see Tim Watson and Black Creek at your earliest opportunity. You can hear them on my 'Sunday Bluegrass" show on WFPK 91.9 FM, 8-11 p.m.

A couple of shows that involve a little travel time but are well worth it will be at Renfro Valley next month. On April 5, one of the all-time great country singers, Ray Price, will be in concert. On May 3, Vern Gosden will be there.

April 6 will be the date for the Spring Fund Drive at WFPK. This is the time to stand up and be counted. WFPK is public radio; you are the public, therefore it's your radio. It must be supported to keep your favorite programs. While the programs come to you commercial free, they are NOT free to the station. Your pledge support and your expressed voice support determine what happens with your favorite programs on WFPK, so if you have a special program you would like to hear more of, call and say so. If you want additional programming, say so. Many folks have told me that they would like a bluegrass gospel show on Sunday Mornings. I would like to do that, but telling me can't get it on. You MUST let the management at the station know your wishes.

See you on the radio, Sundays at 8 p.m. on WFPK 91.9 FM. Tune in.