Filet of Soul (indie)

By Robert Gruber

A splendid mish-mash of noisy guitars, pop dis-arrangements and vocal treatments, Fish Tales is a joyful alternative to the gloom-and-doom of so much local rock. There's nothing typical about this record, as Moon & co. frappe a blender full of late 60's/early 70's pop radio hits (notably Three Dog Night and Tommy James), mix in a little 90's-style funk 'n' roll, and, for added measure, toss in DA's entire 'Alarma' chronicles.

'I Was Wrong' is slow, groovin' funk; 'Sometimes' voices the frustration that Christians have when the "feeling" isn't there; 'Hell' is a blast of trippy, late 70's art-rock, leading into 'Radio', a very cool song about the lack of "peace and love on my radio" ("cocaine and Cobain were the songs without the Jesus high" - great line!)

Three things separate this record from worldwide distribution:

1. A major label deal.

2. Production: As a local indie project, this sounds great, but if Filet of Soul were beefed up, digitalized, stereoized, and glossed over a bit, this album could compete with anything coming from Nashville.

3. Artwork: Needs to be more serious. Packaging is everything when it comes to first impressions - believe it