Helmet stopped at ear X-tacy for a post-show CD party

Korn and Helmet at the Brewery

By Laura Karnes

Korn and Helmet, a well-matched pairing of bands, played the Brewery's Thunderdome on March 17. Helmet opened the show, supporting their latest release, Aftertaste.

The band did an excellent job warming up the frenzied crowd. Helmet has been playing for a while now and these guys know what their doing. The only flaw was that the set was way too short. The band played a few old and new songs, including 'Exactly what you Wanted," a new tune, and "Wilma's Rainbow", from the CD Betty. The omission of the songs "In the Meantime" and "Unsung" was a disappointment, but vocalist Page Hamilton promised to do these songs the next time the band is in town - which, for your information will be April 23, with Marilyn Manson. Be sure and check 'em out again. They put on a good show.

Korn returned to Louisville in support of their latest release Life is Peachy. A hard band to describe, their sound is a mixture of metal, hardcore, punk, and hip hop. The best way to describe Korn's music might just be different and heavy.

The band features very good musicians, especially bassist Fieldy. The bass seems to be the main instrument in Korn's music and Fieldy does a unique job at this. Also, vocalist Jonathan Davis is a very outrageous front man, totally into what he is doing. He doesn't just sing the songs, he becomes a part of the them.

Korn put on one awesome show doing a good mix of old and new material. The crowd was very into all of the band's show, but seemed especially enthusiastic when the band performed "Blind" and the last song of the night, "Faget." Yes, the Brewery's floor turned into a huge mosh pit on this night and I think Korn can pretty much guarantee this every time they play in Louisville.