don't believe the hype

Lotto (Relapse)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Give Xysma an A+ for ambition. The promo CD cover screams, "If you like the sounds of Sonic Youth, Helmet, the Misfits and Black Sabbath, you hit the jackpot with Xysma!" That kinda hype could make Spielberg proud.

The only problem is Xymsa can't live up to their own billing. Despite showing flashes of decent music ("New Gel in Town," "Shoes"), most of Lotto is uninteresting, overblown guitar music.

It's like the band can't decide who they want to be. The rock, the pop, the instrumental -- you're left wondering who the real Xysma is. By the time the intensely boring "Bravado" dies its slow death, I doubt you'll really want to find out.