Text and Photos by Pete Strojny

With Lollapalooza enjoying it's seventh year in existence, and with Perry Farrel (the founder of the concept) behind the wheel, the bands participating were as diverse as ever. A very colorful cornucopia of talent played on second stage, including some hard rock (Skeleton Key, Molly McGuire), rap (Lost Boyz), and some psychedelic punk from Japan (Pugs)). The Main stage featured the rastafarian sounds of Julian and Damian Marley, James (an English hyper-pop sextet in sequined shirts and a skirt), Tricky, Snoop-Doggy-Dog (trance dance and gangsta rap respectively), and Tool, an angst-driven metal band with a spectacular show.

The electronic techno-outfitted Prodigy capped off the evening with an electrifying set. With Korn having canceled due to illness, all the bands took up the slack and logged in a longer set to compensate.