News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey fellow rivet heads! Hope everyone is having a loud and heavy summer. Read on for the latest news from the scene. . . . . . . . . . . .

*Hope everyone got to check out a couple of cool shows that recently went on at the Tiger. That's right folks - Louisvillle metal fans got a flashback from the 80s, when W. A. S. P. and Motorhead, - and then a couple of weeks later Ratt - all stormed the Toy Tiger. These were fun shows for me because this was about the time that I really started to get into metal. Check out my reviews of these shows for the lowdown.

*Hope a bunch of you checked out some of the local metal that went on last month.

The weekend of July 18 and 19 was a metal mini - fest at the Borderline Lounge. The first night featured a couple of new bands - Contortion, who have a heavy, alternative type of sound and Engrind, who are more hardcore metal. Also featured on this night was Inhuman, premiering a new tune and a just recently released a tape that is evil!

Last, but not least - Dancin' with Manson finished up a night of metal, also playing a couple of new songs. This was the band's second show of the evening, having played earlier at the Toy Tiger during the bikini contest.

Night number two featured Inhuman and Engrind again on the bill, as well as Luther and Dump Gang.

If you have never seen Luther before - you should check 'em out. They have a slower, sludgy type of sound and their singer's voice reminds me of a heavy metal Jim Morrison. They do indeed kick butt.

Dump Gang finished the night with their unusual metal sound, playing originals and a killer version of Rage Against the Machine's "Fistful of Steel, " which kept the pit going late into the night. Definitely an awesome weekend of metal!

Neli Zaza will prsent a free guitar clinic on Friday, August 1 at the Toy Tiger. Bobby Rock and Bill Dickens will also participate

* The big outdoor show on July 26, also at the Borderline Lounge was metal-rific!

More on that show next issue.

*Shattered Reality is looking for a serious lead singer to create a new style. The band is established and is all original.

They are interested in hearing all vocal styles and have a P. A. and practice space. If you are interested, contact: Bill - 964-1007, J. R. - 966-4627, or Tim - 267-6668.

*Here's a couple of upcoming shows for August . . . . Inhuman and Crazy Train will be at the Toy Tiger on August 15 and 16 will be at the Toy Tiger. On the August 22 and 23 at Bullseye's, look for Inhuman, Luther, Contortion, and another band to be announced will all blow out our eardrums! Be there!

That's all for me this time around. More news and reviews next issue. Support local metal! See ya in the pit!. . . . . . . . . . .

Eighties Revival at the Toy Tiger

Remember when metal was big in the 80's? The Spandex, leather, B. C. Rich guitars, and really big hair - oh yes - those were the days!

Louisville metal fans got to take a trip down memory lane on June 25 when a W. A. S. P. and Motorhead made our ears bleed with a night of loud and raucous metal a the Tiger

The legendary Motorhead opened the show in support of their ironically titled new releaseOvernight Sensation. The veteran metal band never quite crossed the line to super-stardom like some of their cohorts. That's not to say that they don't kick butt in the area of heavy music, 'cause indeed they do.

Lemmy and the boys rolled through both old and new material, including "I'm So Bad, Baby I Don't Care" and the classic "Ace of Spades."

The band was tight and Lemmy's Camel-cooked, whiskey-soaked voice was right on the money. they played an awesome opening set. The crowd was ready when W. A. S. P. hit the stage.

Headliners W. A. S. P., hoping to keep up a buzz about their new release,K. F. D, opened with "On your Knees" from their 1984 debut album. It was flame to the fuel to heat up the Tiger for the rest of a night of loud and raw music.

The band continued on with tunes from the new release, but stayed close to the older material, including "Hellion," "L.O.V.E. Machine," "Wild Child" and others from their previous releases.

W.A.S.P. has had many member changes and other setbacks over the years, but original members Blackie Lawless and Chris Holmes have kept the name of the band alive. This night's show proved that W. A. S. P. still has what it takes to keep up in the world of metal.

And. . . a couple of weeks later on July 11, L. A. bad boys Ratt scurried into town for a sold out show at the Toy Tiger. The band is touring in support ofCollage, their newest album. As with the previous bands mentioned above; Ratt has had their share of member changes and slow times over the years since they first came out in the eighties.

Now it seems that they are back to make a fresh start, continuing on with three original members: vocalist Stephen Pearcy, drummer Bobby Blotzer, and guitarist Warren Demartini, as well as bassist Robbie Crane, who previously was with Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame.

The band played some new material, but the crowd seemed more pleased to hear old favorites "Back for More," "You're in Love," "You Think You're Tough," and "Way Cool Junior."

Ratt finished up the night with their classic hit "Round and Round," from theirOut of the Cellar album.

It's cool to see these that these bands still have the passion and drive to continue to bring music to the masses.

Local band Rathbone opened with a killer set of their style of bluesy metal.