brutal but good

sounds of the animal kingdom (RELAPSE records)

brutal truth

By Brent Starkey

Call it grindcore, death metal, hardcore punk or noise rock but under whatever moniker you choose, N.Y.C.'s Brutal Truth have released one of the most RELENTLESS lp's you'll ever hear. Titles like: "Fisting," "Foolish Bastard," "Die Laughing," "Dead Smart," "Dementia," & "Blue World" tell you exactly where they're coming from. Brutal Truth hits you with short blasts of noise to million m.p.h. assaults of 'core, they'll kick back (yeah, right) for a cover of SUN RA's "It's After The End Of The World" but I dare anyone to sit all the way through the last "song" (I did, twice) 'Prey'. It's approximately 22 minutes of a 2-second loop of headache-inducing ROAR that somehow gets more distorted & furious as it winds out. It's literally painful to listen to. Brutal Truth aren't exactly "my kinda thing," but you know if you like this stuff & this is probably the cream of the crop. Smash your head in ectasy.