For the Pro: Mom's Music Opens New Complex in Jeffersonville

By Joshua D. Smith

Change is good, especially where music is concerned. Yes, we humans tend to nestle into our little way of doing things, until someone comes along and "rustles our feathers" if you will.

Enter Mark Maxwell. You may know his name from the Mom's Music heritage. To say that Mark has simply opened a new branch of Mom's Music in Jeffersonville, IN would be an understatement. Not only does he have a fine music store with a huge showroom, he has implemented a complete "educational wing" to his renovated movie theater complex. All this plus a separate auditorium for his wife's Jazzercise program.

The new store offers more than you ever imagined from a neighborhood music store. Here's the rundown: private lessons with top, "hand-picked" instructors; Rock School and Weekend Warriors courses (more on those later); fully furnished rehearsal space available for bands; live sound and recording classes; guitar repair; "really nice bathrooms;" a plush lounge; Kindermusic for kids seven and under; a 150 seat theater auditorium fully equipped for live performances, clinics, and also available to bands who are showcasing for a label or whatnot.

The focus here is on education teaching people what they want to know in a reasonable amount of time.

"The bottom line is," says Education Coordinator David Ernspiker, "people don't learn like they did 30 or 40 years ago. These days, information is at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's instant gratification. We are aligning our teaching style with the 21st century."

For instance, Rock School 101 is an eight-week course that takes five absolutely beginner musicians, puts them together on respective instruments and teaches them to play simple songs as a band. The course is topped off with a concert finale for family and friends to enjoy.

Rock School 201 works in the same fashion, but with amateur-level musicians and slightly harder material.

The Weekend Warrior program is a four-week course designed for the working-class musician who has the desire to play in a band, but hardly has the time to get the ball rolling. The course provides the rehearsal space, equipment, and a coach to help the musicians along the way. This course also features a final concert blowout to impress all your family, friends and fans.

One very positive feature in all the courses offered is the reasonable price. They offer very expensive and valuable training at an insanely low cost.

"The reason is this," said Maxwell, "if someone doesn't teach musicians the skills they need to know now, they will suffer in the future. They're already suffering now."

As of today, all their December classes are booked. The next sessions will start in January so call them at (812) 283-3304 for more info.

"The new Mom's" could almost be considered a family place. With the Rock School, Weekend Warriors, Jazzercise, and Kindermusic, there is definitely something for everyone.

"It's very interesting," Maxwell keeps saying. Interesting indeed. It very well could be the music store of the future meeting all the needs of musicians and potential musicians.

Mom's Music Indiana is located at 1710 E. 10th St. in Jeffersonville. The phone is 812-283-3304.