Fractured, riff-stuffed

full blown possession (sub pop records)
the grifters

By Brent Starkey

The Grifters are getting alot of of press these days for their brand of 90's fractured pop-rock. At times they hit that kind of lazy stride of, say, PAVEMENT. At others they almost remind me of MODERN LOVERS, but all-in-all, it's pretty diverse stuff ("contact me now" is built around a rewrite of the "Smoke On The Water" riff). I believe "wicked thing" may already be a "hit" I know I've been hearing it alot and "blood thirsty lovers" really hits a high-mark as opposed to the instrumental, go-nowhere "you be the stranger." This may not be the best album I've heard all month, but I can definitely imagine it growing on me & getting many spins in the old CD player in the coming months. Could be a keeper.