Ghastly name, pretty good album

flapjack hairpiece (Onefoot Records)
kid with man head

By Brent Starkey

Horrible name, horrible cover a CD destined for the bargain bin . . . but wait, this is actually pretty good. Kid with man head is a four-piece from Red Bank, N.J. who play power-pop punk in the vein of All / the Descendents / HAGFISH / BEST KISSERS IN THE WORLD, et. al. The kind of stuff that would sound great on Louisville radio. There are a zillion bands playing this stuff right now, Kid With Man Head manages to stand out with some real hooks, exceptionally tight playing and an enthusiasm that'll put a smile on your face. There's a Halloweenish tune "Cheese Grate Your Face" :"Pull your corpse out from beneath my bed, kind of feel you up/ smear your windpipe on a hoagie roll, better than Pizza Hut", a fantastic cover of a crappy band's (the EAGLES) tune 'Hotel California', and my favorite the uncredited fifteenth song, which flat-out rips. When you see this one in the bargain/used bin, pick it up. Too bad about their name.