Not to be taken with anti-depressants

Temple Of The Morning Star (RELAPSE records)
today is the day

By Brent Starkey

This l.p. starts out promisingly with the spooky-sounding "Temple Of The Morning Star' before drifting into the familiar territory these Tennesseeans are known for: the Amphetamine Reptile sound. Heavy rhythms, lots of cutting guitars, very distorted vocals & lots of HATRED. "The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself" "Kill Yourself," "Satan Is Alive," & "Rabid Lassie" clue you into what Today Is The Day is all about. "My Life With You" really stands out while "I See You" (another arty instrumental) really . . . well, blows. Hold on through the second version of "Temple Of The Morning Star" which seques into a fantastic version of BLACK SABBATH's "Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath" (one of my favorite tunes when I was about 15). It's spot-on & a must listen for any Sabbath fan. Another decent album that's not really "my thing", but real good for the genre. Great samples throughout, also.