Warren County Plug" (WWHR)
Various Artists

By Joshua D. Smith

Warren Co. Plug is a compilation CD of several indie bands from the Bowling Green area. It was produced and sold to raise funds for "New Rock" WWHR-FM 91.7. As with all compilation projects, some cuts are better than others. So, while separating the wheat from the tares, here's a tip of the hat to Warren County's best.

As far as professional quality, Chris Carmichael's "Little Bohemian" stands as the legitimizing beacon of the CD. This song even boasts Nashville session guru Jerry McPherson on guitar.

Other high points include the Doug Hoestra Combo's "Atticus" with its vintage organ vibe and Bobby Fleet's live cut, "Channel Three." Bobby Fleet captures a really cool "jam-band" feel. There is also a hilarious hidden track where Jimmy 3:16 and Super Super place a prank-call to a local religious radio station.

There are several bands featured on Warren Co. Plug who are talented in themselves, but don't really stand out among the rest. Life O' Reilly lends on of those respect-worthy efforts with the lovely tune, "Biography." Also noteworthy is the tight pop of Who Hit John's "Smile Together."

If you're interested in the music of regional bands you never hear about, this CD is definitely worth your buck. You'll look cool for buying independent music, all the proceeds go to a good cause, and the bands get their share of exposure. It's a win/win/win situation.