Grace Notes
By Victoria Moon

I should know better by now. I should never say I'm going to do something in January – odds are, I'm not going to do it, thanks to one set of circumstances or another! I promised last month to have an in-depth look at CMC, The Christian Music Connection, but thanks to my schedule, I was never able to get together with Kevin Brodie, the Louisville chapter's coordinator. Plus, this month a couple of news items came up that I wanted to be sure and share with all of you as soon as possible.

Since it is now February, let me renew my promise and tell you that I will have an interview with Kevin Brodie in next month's column. I promise. Really. And my fingers are not even crossed. Let me just say this month that CMC is a great organization that I would recommend local artists checking out.

They meet the second Thursday of every month (for the mathematically impaired among us, with whom I have a deep and abiding sympathy, I'll tell you that the second Thursday this month is going to be February 13) at the Hillview Cumberland Presbyterian Church located at 3331 Preston Highway. The meeting time is 7.00 p.m. Next month, I'll give you the full scoop on this very cool organization. Honest.

Now, on to those discoveries/news items/whatnot that I wanted to pass on to you this month:

First, I am very pleased to tell you that on January 10 I stopped by the Gathering Place at the Wellspring Christian Bookstore and caught a very impressive performance by new local artist Angelina Wedding. As well as being an excellent vocalist in the tradition of Kathy Triccoli, she plays guitar and keyboard and her set included a couple of her friends helping on cello and clarinet. Catch her performances if you can – they are well worth it. I'll keep you posted on her concert dates as I get them.

Next piece of news to pass on is that local alternative band Zoe has changed their name to Neptune. Josh Smith, lead singer of the band, informed me that there was a name conflict with another band already signed with Benson, so the name change became necessary. So, fans of Zoe, now you know – and keep an eye out for performances by Neptune.

Finally, I wanted to pass on some info I received from Dale McCubbins, program/production manager at WCVK in Bowling Green. Dale was the former emcee and booking agent at The Music Cafe, a Christian coffeehouse in Bowling Green. He let me know that the Cafe was looking for artists to perform. Interested artists can e-mail him at and he'll be sure to pass your info on to the proper person. My friends Barbie and Nori Kelly, a husband and wife folk/pop act based out of Alabama, play there at least once a year and I know from them that the cafe is a great place to play.

Well, I suppose that's it for this month. Be sure to check out CMC (remember: February 13, 7 p.m.) and, as always, keep supporting the local music scene – your presence makes a big difference!