Erchint and Four Rose Society at Butchertown Pub

By Laura Karnes

During the winter months you don't often feel like venturing out into the cold weather; but some kickin' music can be enough to get some warmth back into your bones. Louisville locals and legends in their own right, Erchint, covered the "kickin'" part vry well at the Butchertown Pub on November 19 along with Four Rose Society.

The show got off with a late start, around 11:00, with Four Rose Society opening up. This band reminds me a little of Bush and Nirvana mixed together, with just a bit of a heavier sound. The drummer is pretty impressive and the group plays well together. The band didn't have a set list, so they just played whatever came to mind or what the crowd requested. It made Four Rose Society look unprepared, even unprofessional, for the show, but maybe they think it's better to be spontaneous.

Erchint hit the stage next, by which time more people had come for the show. This band also features a very impressive drummer with who has a lot of energy and good stage presence.

Erchint seemed to be more prepared and played a tight set to an appreciative crowd. I was surprised not to see more of a crowd, since these guys have been playing around these parts for a while now, but a Tuesday night, with a late show time can make it harder to get people to come out to see bands.

All in all, both bands played rockin' sets and the fans who did come out to see them got to hear some excellent music, which is reason enough to head out on a cold November night.