Rathbone (Independent/Showcase Music/Canyon Productions)

By Laura Spalding

Rathbone has been playing around these parts for a while now and they are quite the experienced musicians. These guys know their stuff well and it shows on this self-titled release.

Rathbone's sound is heavy rock with a bluesy edge. The music could be called metal for its loud, raw sound, yet it also has a melodic feel to it, which might appeal to fans who usually don't get into the heavier stuff.

The CD opens with "Ceiling," followed by my pick of the bunch, "Freak My Friend." It continues with the chugging sound of "Go West," which features a bass and guitar coupling that really stands out.

Other songs on the CD include "Hang On," "Take Me Away," "Volume," and "Insane," with the last two songs ending the CD with a loud, tight finish. "Insane" especially leaves the listener waiting to hear the next song.

Rathbone have put out some jamming music with this release. If you are a fan of basic rock or heavy metal, this CD should satisfy your appetite.

The CD is available at Showcase Music, HMV in the Mall St. Matthews and ear-X-tacy Records.