sad, lonely, hopeful
Blazing Rains (Sugar Free)
Blazing Rains

By Brent Starkey

Blazing Rains is Tim Hanford (from Fairhaven, N.Y.) and his acoustic guitar, playing lo-fi, two-chord ditties about things like "Morning TV," Sleeping in the Wind," "Cruel Spring" and "Gears." It's kind of pleasant in its own melancholy way, and I can imagine people into Palace Music and their ilk enjoying this immensely.

I, however, liked the booklet that came with the CD better. It's a story, told by the leader of some unnamed indie-rock band, about going on tour and taking Hanford along to open some shows - kind of a short tour diary. It's sad and lonely, yet strangely hopeful - much like Hanford's songs.