Memorable Performance by Southern Seminary Artists

By Henry C. Mayer

In 1797, a youthful 60~year-old genius from Vienna, Franz Josef Haydn, began a career in a new musical genre. lt was an immediate success and has been ever since. lt is his oratorio, "The Creation."

Unlike an opera, an oratorio is basically a group achievement, even though it requires individual soloists at various times during its performance. Though frequently based on a religious theme, not all oratorios are so con-structed. However, did Haydn write this opus as an act of thanksgiving and adoration?

It follows the biblical account of creation. Performed at Southern Seminary's Chapel, it is a triumph from start to conclusion. This writer gladly salutes all who had a hand in preparing and presenting this masterpiece. The audience response (including that of School of Music Dean Lloyd Minis) left no doubt about the quality of this performance. But then most musical events I have witnessed there have "excellence" written on them.

I am reluctant to distribute individual bouquets because I would not want to leave anyone out. Still, as in the last event l took in, Handel's "Messiah," Maestro John H. Dickson and his associates obviously spaned no effort to give us a concert of beauty. It was both an inspiration and respite from the almost incessant noises of city life. _

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