A Regional Triumph

Rainbow Sky (Independent)
Greg Foresman

By Tim Roberts

From the gritty opening wah-wah guitar to the folky acoustic-and-harmonica title track that ends it, Rainbow Sky from guitarist Greg Foresman is a psychedelic funk, soul, and blues festival. It is further proof that musicians from this region can produce superb material equitable with performers from any major label. The whole recording is a high-quality production. Some of the tracks, in fact, were recorded at Max's Place in Jeffersonville.

The two opening selections, the blues-tinged "Breaking Down the Walls" and "Shoot it Up," provide a powerful introduction to the tunes that follow. The third track, "Dance With the Devil," is a strategically-placed ballad among the other selections.

"The Last Time," a smoky, sensual slow-burn of a blues number, begs you to crank up the volume. Its sound is reminiscent of early material from Bad Company. Other tunes include the Cajun-flavored "Flesh and Blood" and "Heart as Big as New York City," where Foresman blasts through with his solo guitar. Rainbow Sky wraps up with its folky title cut, a song about the lighter side of darker moments.

Throughout the recording, Foresman is backed by a team of outstanding musicians, many of them local: Tim Halcomb and Many Yanes on bass, David Barrickman, Bob Ramsey, and John Hall on keys, Jeff Gittli provides some subtle saxophone work, and the impeccable Tanita Gaines soars behind Foresman on background vocals.