savvy, smart CCM

Considering Lilly (Forefront)
Considering Lilly

By Kory Wilcoxson

It's nice to finally see Contemporary Christian music getting some recognition. It is still true that, for the most part, CCM is about five years behind popular listening habits, but groups like Jars of Clay and DC Talk have made a few dents in the Top 40, showing that CCM is getting hip.

Considering Lilly is part of that new school. The female duo of Serene Campbell and Pearl Barrett have crafted a group of savvy, smart songs that push a positive message in a jangly pop fashion. Their sound is strong and refreshingly '90s.

What makes them stand out is their willingness to give God some edge. Songs like "Pike's Peak" and "Consequences" are a bit harder than you might expect from a couple Cherubic-looking ladies. I see a female duo singing pop songs, I think Indigo Girls. Sheryl Crow with a dash of Veruca Salt (OK, and a little Wilson Phillips) might be a little closer.

Considering Lilly makes no bones about who their audience is. "Beautiful You" lets its adolescent listeners know that despite the green hair and multiple piercings, they are still loved in God's eyes. Likewise, "Consequences" warns teenagers that there is a price to pay for the choices they make.

The group mixes in a few ballads for good measure ("Come Rest"), but it is when the let loose, especially on the brilliant "Cup," that their music soars and their message is best received. We can only hope that future CCM acts will take this cue and be as poignant and enjoyable as Considering Lilly.