old-school headbanging for Christ

Turn It Around (Throwing Stones)
Sacred Project

By Robert Gruber

I hear so much Christian "modern rock" stuff that it's almost refreshing to hear something as hopelessly outdated as Sacred Project. Face it, too many Christian metal acts from the '80s abandoned fiercely loyal followings to chase after the siren song of Alice-Temple-grunge-Jams. I, for one, am proud of S.P. for sticking by their guns. Besides, arena rock ain't dead yet (as fans of Motley Crue and Aerosmith will tell you), so it's possible that S.P. has stuck around long enough to become fashionable again. Who knows?!

Produced by Wayne Deaton, with mixing done by David Huff, the nine songs on Turn It Around are solid, catchy tunes with sloganeering lyrics guaranteed to tighten your pants and perm your hair. An edifying mix of fist-pumping rockers and mellow, worship-inducing power ballads, Turn It Around will appeal to fans of the old school -- Bon Jovi, Petra, Stryper. The body-piercing crowd may turn their nose up at Sacred Project, but the headbangers understand, and Jesus loves them just the same.