News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Greetings to all people of the pit!! Read on for the latest news......

I want to start off this column with some items that didn't get in last month's issue due to a computer file error - sorry!! So here are a few tidbits for your information...

The Borderline Lounge on the Outer Loop, which featured quite a few metal shows this past summer has closed.

The local band formerly known as Creed has changed their name to Fail to Thrive.

Long time local band Shattered Reality has called it quits.

I regret to report that The Flashback at 2126 S. Preston Street will be closing in November. Owners Beth and Kirk Logsdon state that they hope to open another club along Bardstown Road in about a year or so. There will be a "Farewell to the Flashback" blowout on November 14 and 15. Friday night will be heavy metal night and Saturday, the final night, will be old time rock 'n' roll night. The bands are to be announced, so watch for that.

A big thanks goes out to Beth and Kirk for supporting local metal bands at the Flashback and for always making everyone feel welcome. The Flashback will be missed, but we hope to see you guys up and running with a new place soon!

Here's some metal shows that went on around these parts recently...

Mid-September at the Flashback-Inhuman, Point of Anger and Liquid Nation put on one ripper of show! Liquid Nation hails from Cincinnati and I would describe their sound as being in a Fate's Warning / Queensryche vein, but heavier. Check 'em out next time they play in the area.

Caught a couple of other shows in September & October at the Flashback. The first one was Disarray from Knoxville, Tennessee and E-Flat, a local band that's fairly new, but which has been playing quite a few shows lately. Tim Flaherty, who used to play guitar in the now-defunct Shattered Reality, plays bass in E-Flat. I would describe the group's sound as heavy with a bit of hardcore/rap edge to it. Check 'em out next time they play!

Fail to Thrive, Contortion and Creative Element played a crowded show on October 18 at Swiss Hall.

Inhuman played a show at Phone Three in Richmond, Kentucky on October 17, on a twin bill with Pownd from Frankfort. Pownd is a raw metal band with a killer vocalist who can hit those high notes when needed! The band has good original songs and did some cool covers, too, including Pantera's "Cowboys from Hell" and "Nailed to the Gun" from Rob Halford's old band Fight. This was a fun show and the crowd turnout was great. Inhuman kicked butt at their first out of town show!

The following night, Inhuman, Pownd, Sick World (from West Virginia) and Engrind all did killer sets at the Flashback.

October 25 was the annual Inhuman Halloween Party, which featured Inhuman, Shapeless Matrix and Faceplant. I had a swell time gettin' crazy in the pit!

And last but not least, Inhuman played a show on Halloween night at The Cave in Frankfort - more on that later. Check 'em out at The Toy Tiger with Crazy Train on November 1. Read my interview with Inhuman in this issue.

Well folks, that's about all for me from now - support local metal - I'm outie - see ya in the pit!!!!