Euphoria (Hollywood)

Leftover Salmon

By Kory Wilcoxson<

When I was about 7, I got violently sick after eating salmon. So you can understand my trepidation about reviewing a band with a name that rubs salt in the wound -- Leftover Salmon. It is safe to say the reaction this time was totally different.

Leftover Salmon is hard to peg musically. The first song, "Better," is a mystical rock tune with Sting-ish vocals and a dash of reggae/ska rhythm from bassist Tye North and drummer Michael Wooten. But the band swings 180 degrees on the next song, "Baby Hold On," as they take off their disguises to reveal a group of rootsy country folk.

Such surprises are found throughout the album. The Cajun-tinged Little Feat-ish "Mama Boulet" is followed shortly by a straight-up old-fashioned country hoedown called "Cash on the Barrelhead." It makes for an intriguing sound, complete with mandolin, banjo and rubboard.

For some bands, trying to cover so much musical ground would be suicide. But Leftover Salmon is talented enough not to be spread too thin, and Euphoria is a broad, but not boring, album.