Steve Fish and Bobby Brooks

Seasons of Serenity (Fish N' Brook Records)

By Victoria Moon

While much of CCM stays firmly in the pop vein, there are those few bands that venture forth into modern rock or heavy metal. There are even those few brave souls who venture into jazz or classical. It is quite rare, though, that Christian artists venture into the realm that for lack of a better name has been called "New Age music," those orchestral, instrumental sounds created for relaxation and meditation.

Local musicians and producers Steve Fish and Bobby Brooks, though, have done just that on their newest release, Seasons of Serenity, and they have done it quite well. The liner notes for the project call it "a relaxing musical tour of nature's changing colors", and this is a fitting description. Using pop and jazz elements, Fish and Brooks create an album of pure "mood music", soft and gentle with occasional nods to the meditative worship music produced by the ever-popular Vineyard musicians. A self-produced project, it is clear to see that Fish and Brooks are talented producers as well as musicians and this project from cover art to the actual music is quite professional.

While one might wish for a slightly deeper exploration into the majesty of creation than is explored here, this is for the most part a good project, full of sweet melodies and gentle orchestration that can soothe a busy soul after a long day, and remind one of the beauties of nature.