too repetitious and boring for Brent

protoplasmic (Relapse)

By Brent Starkey

I started off with "Patterns of Traffic" thinking this could be interesting in an eclectic New Wave (think: Phil`n'the Blanks or Suburban Lawns) meets Kraftwerk kind of way: "I slide along your plane gathering attributes/Like fruits - soft, sticky and sharp/A message off a friend which told me/'Traffic - is an urge to make connections"

An urge to make connections? The English-accented, female half of this duo spoke to me -- hmmm, kind of cool. But by the third or fourth song, I was tiring of the mechanical repetition being presented. By the sixth song, I became downright bored. By the eighth (and last) song, I was ready to spin this disc to the nearest used-bin. Dull, no fun, long, repetitive . . . I'll pass.