Rockabilly and Swing Nights at
the Phoenix Hill Tavern

By Paul Moffett

If you're old enough to remember swing the first time around, you may be too old for this. If you can recall Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps, you're probably not too old to get out and hear some of the newest rockabilly and swing bands coming to town in a new series organized by Elaine Ford at the Phoenix Hill Tavern.

Bouyed by the positive response several rockabilly bands got during the Waterfront series earlier this summer, Ford pitched the idea of a series of rockabilly and swing shows to the folks at Phoenix Hill, who nibbled and bit.

The series is set for Sunday nights, beginning November 2, with an 8 p.m. start time. Three bands will play each night. The last act of the night will play two sets for those not required to arise for work the following morning.

Some highlights in current line-up include Nashville's Those Legendary Shack Shakers on November 2; Willie Wisely, November 16; and The Blue Moon Boys on November 30. Wisely and the Blue Moon Boys both performed on a Rockin' at Riverpoints show.

Swing has not quite penetrated the Louisville market as it has in New York, despite the efforts of bands like Louisville's Swing 39, who are tentatively scheduled for November 2. The biggest swing act, literally, will be the eight-piece Orlando group, Rocket 88. For those with punk sensibilities, the Swinging Demons are the act to see.They are tentatively set to appear on the 9th.

Ford is going all out to promote the shows, lining up sponsors to do posters, handbills and spots, plus contests and prizes, including a Martini Races on swing nights, dance contests, and gift certificates.