Band Showcase Series
Set at Toy Tiger

By Paul Moffett

The Toy Tiger and Miller Beer have joined forces with Wild Justice Management to present a fifteen-week, Wendesday night series of original band performances. Organized by Gary Meeks and Perry Scroggin of the Tiger, the intent of the series to showcase the bands for the music industry and to establish a night for original music at the Tiger, a well-known cover-band bar.

The details of the series are not completely settled, but the main outlines are in place. Starting on Oct 15, one band will play each night for industry judges, who will assess the preparedness of the bands for commercial appeal. Three of the fifteen bands will be selected to receive management contracts for one year from Wild Justice, which currently manages Louisville-based Days of the New, and full production demos from Allen Martin Productions, with Todd Smith engineering. Wild Justice will focus on shopping the demos and other discs from the three bands.

The three bands selected will return for a one-night show at the Tiger on the sixteenth week, with Wild Justice staff, plus other industry officials, in attendance.

In a move highly reminiscent of Los Angeles, performing bands will be given 250 tickets, which they may sell or give away. The band will set the ticket price. One hundred percent of the proceeds from ticket sales will be retained by the band. Miller Genuine Draft will provide glossy posters featuring the band and other prizes and promotions items are being arranged.