The Soul of a New Machine (Touch and Go)
The Delta 72

By Bob Bahr

Their last record's appeal hinged on one thing: the listener's tolerance for the Farfisa organ. This effort by The Delta 72, an indie band that says it's trying to revive the energy and emotion of early rock 'n' soul and R&B, is easier to take.

The vocals are distorted and attitude-drenched. The guitars are ragged and forceful. The drumming is splashy and the bass lines are groovy.

The result is a flavor that is different and . . . not so different. The question with The Soul of a New Machine is, is it easier to throw stones at their admitted "derivative-ness," or easier to bounce along with the organic grooves?

It's a toss-up which camp you'll end up in. Give it a listen and decide yourself. It's worth the $13.