better than average Christian rock

Flying (Fore Front)

By Brent Starkey

This is the stereotypical alternative rock that seems to be gasping for its last breath these days. Grammatrain is a three-piece from (apparently) Franklin, Teen. The twist? Grammatrain plays Christian alternative, as is evident in the lyrics to "Found In You": "Forever you are morning star/You are Jesus, You are Jesus/You have lifted me & set me free".

The music's not bad for this ilk . . . in fact, I could imagine "Less Of Me" (among others) being a huge alterna-hit. I prefer the rocking moments of "Rocketship" and the hooky "Jonah" to the dawdling "Flying" or "Pain." All-in-all not a bad effort, and if you're interested just search out my copy . . . in the used-bin.