News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey all you metal head freaks how's it going? Read on for the news. . .

* Hope all you ultra-cool people of the pit got to check out the big outdoor show at The Borderline Lounge it kicked butt! An entire day and night full of metal what more could you ask for?

The show started at around five-ish and the featured bands included Flaw, Gate, Luther, Creed, Inhuman, Shapeless Matrix, Dump Gang, and Faceplant. It was a hot night of loud and heavy music and the pit was going strong. Thanks to all the bands for putting on one hell of a show, especially in that ragin' heat.

I hope we continue to see festival style shows like this around these parts.

* I recently took a trip to Chicago and they seem to have a pretty good metal scene going on there, too. I was there during the week and not too much was happening, but the weekend looked to be pretty cool as far as the club scene went. Megadeth played a show at the Aragon Ballroom in the Windy City the weekend after I came back, so I missed that show, but maybe that tour will be coming our way soon!

Here's an upcoming show in September for ya on Saturday, September 13 at The Flashback check out Inhuman, Point of Anger and Liquid Nation (from Cincinatti) As this is a Saturday night, everyone can come out, get a pit going and support local metal!

Well folks that's all from me this time around. Send any pit news to: News from the Pit, P. O. Box 148, Pewee Valley, Ky 40056 and maybe you'll get your name in the paper!

Stay tuned next month for more news and reviews of new releases from Megadeth, Tool, W.A.S.P., and more.

See ya in the pit!!!!!!