funny to gut-busting pranks

Revenge on the Telemarketers (Rubicon)

Tom Mabe

By Brent Starkey

Now this I like. Mostly. Tom is a Louisvillian with an inspired hatred of telemarketers that has caused the rest of the free world to purchase caller-ID and/or answering machines. Tom, however, has fun with these time-wasting swine. He can easily turn the tables and waste THEIR time. the calls are all funny to gut-busting hilarious.

My favorites would be "Surveys and Semen Samples," in which Tom (rather noisily) masturbates while some hapless t.m. tries to do a survey with him, and "Crime and the Carpet Cleaner," wherein Tom has some young fool convinced he's killed someone and needs the t.m. there immediately to get the blood out of his carpet. Classic comedy. I could've done without the two songs at the end: "I Hate Every Bone In Her Body, But Mine" and "Booger Pickin' Man': "I'm a booger pickin' man/Not ashamed at all/Pick a booger right now/And eat it for y'all". Sounds like that crap Bob & Tom try to pass off as funny. But forget Bob & Tom . . . Tom Mabe is where it's at, and this is a keeper . . . (finally). Oh, it's a lot more comical than the Jerky Boys or that "Great Phone Calls" disc could have ever wished to be.