April's Musical Success Tips

By Bob Baker

I've been doing a lot of soul-searching lately and I've come to the conclusion that the music business is for the birds. There are so many obstacles to success, it's just not worth it. That's why, starting this month, I've decided to encourage a new approach. The best way to get ahead with your music is to bitch and moan and expect the worst from every effort you make...

Okay... April Fools!

You probably saw that coming down Main Street. While some of you may have been inclined to think, "You know, he's right," I don't for a second believe the music business sucks. There are obstacles, to be sure, but that doesn't mean you have to allow those obstacles to control your outlook and attitude.

Actually, I'd like to take this "foolish" opportunity to encourage another "real" new approach: Having a sense of humor when it comes to the hurdles we all encounter. When things don't go as planned or when people don't follow through on what they've promised, it's easy to ask yourself, "Why does this bad luck always follow me around?" Ask yourself a question like that and you can be sure your enthusiasm to succeed won't be at its highest level any time soon.

Instead, ask yourself, "What's funny about this right now?" Or "What is there to laugh about in this situation?" How many times has something negative happened between you and another person and one of you has said, "You know, some day we're going to look back and laugh at this." Well, I contend, Why Wait? Laugh at it now!

Certainly, you must take your music, recording and marketing efforts seriously. But don't always take yourself and the things that happen to you too seriously. You'll drive yourself and those around you crazy if you do. So the next time things don't go exactly as planned (or they go exactly the opposite as planned), find something to laugh about. Otherwise, you'll end up frustrated and depressed and feel like even more of a fool.

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