Louisville Rock

By Gina Juliano

The local music scene in Louisville it's better than you think. But when was the last time you went to a show?

Let me introduce myself. I'm Gina Juliano, Music Director and night jock for the New Rock Alternative, WLRS 102. I've worked in radio in several different markets large and small, including Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Iowa City, Minneapolis and now Louisville.

The local music scene varies in quality from city to city as you might expect. However, you might not have heard that Louisville was just named one of the three Music Meccas in the world by Playboy Magazine. The other two were Bristol, England and Austin, Texas.

In any case, I'm proud to say that LRS is dedicated to bringing the best new rock and being fully in touch with the local music scene.

Sunday nights at LRS are dedicated to the Louisville Music Scene, with The Gutterman doing the "Local Pollution" show. Local bands and new music are featured, along with live interviews from the area bands that played in the Miller Genuine Draft Local Music Showcase at the Toy Tiger, sponsored by Miller beer, LRS and the Toy Tiger.

There were sixteen weeks of area bands competing each Wednesday for the grand prize of a management deal, recording time, money and music equipment. Perry Scroggin from the Toy Tiger coordinated the showcase and rounded up the sponsors and the judges. Congratulations to the three final winning bands: 100 Acre Wood, Muffy Panics and Cooler. LRS' Driver also featured the local bands competing each week during his weekday morning show.

The station also puts area bands that want to stop and chat on the air. In fact, just recently, a few of the guys from Edenstreet stopped by to introduce themselves and drop off their new CD. (They must want some airplay.)

Edenstreet's members include Tim Arlon, vocals; Paul Culligan, drums; Chuck Mingis, guitar; Screamin' John, guitar and Chip Adams on bass. These guys are actually signed to A&M records and perform across the US, but they still feel the need to build a strong fan base in their home headquarters of Louisville. I applaud their efforts to get noticed. You can catch Edenstreet around Louisville on April 4 at the Butchertown Pub, April 24 and 25 at the Phoenix Hill Tavern and on April 30 at Churchill Downs. Tix available at door only. Creed, Almost Noah and Mighty Joe Plum will

Commercial plug:

LRS believes in new music, great bands, supporting the local scene and giving our listeners what they want. We've done extremely well in the ratings so far and are increasing all the time. As a result of LRS new music presence, lots of record label promotion people visit the area, which only increases the Louisville market music profile. If we can help inspire our listeners to support the local music scene, everyone wins. Our listeners are loyal and so are all of us at LRS 102. I think that's why we're so successful.