News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey metal heads. . . what's up! Read on for some news. . .

*Hope everyone got to check out the most recent metal blowout show at Bulls Eyes. It happened at the end of February and featured a couple of bands from other areas.

Friday night's show featured Unrule, Inhuman, Incursion and Authentic Hate, a Richmond, Kentucky, band that has somewhat of a Slayer-ish kind of vibe. Saturday night featured Inhuman, Faceplant, Blue Honey (from Richmond; heavy, but with more of an 80's feel) and last but not least, Crone from Lexington. Crone has a three-song tape available that kicks major butt! The tape is Surface. Check out the song "Last Seven Days"– it's evil! For more information, .contact Crone at 2075 Regency Road, #40, Lexington, Ky. 40503 / Phone (606)278-5165 or for you computer junkies: http://members. aol. com/CroneHQ.

As I've said before, shows like these are a great idea, mainly because it supports & showcases all styles of heavy music. Thanks to Bulls Eye's for their support of metal!

*Be on the look out for new tapes/CDs from Faceplant and E-Flat!

*Inhuman is looking for a drummer & a guitarist-for more information, contact Eddy at 367-2080.

*Listen up! Here's some info on a new place to hear out cool tunage: Four Brick Walls, a cafe/coffee shop/place of music which recently opened up on the lower level of River Falls Mall in Clarksville, Indiana.

Four Brick Walls features live music –all styles! – on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from about 9:00p. m. until 11:30 or 12 midnight. The cafe now has about a 250-300 person capacity for a show, and there are plans to expand.

The cafe serves their own roasted coffee, as well as food. The shows are all ages and no alcohol is served. A couple of bands that have played there include Death Defying Leap from Indiana and Louisville's own Shapeless Matrix on March 27.

Here's an upcoming show: on April 4, it's Planet and Dan Cammer with Zero Cycle, two local Indiana bands, described as heavy, bluesy electric rock.

For more information on upcoming shows or if your band is interested in booking a show-call Derrick Barney at (812) 280-0260.

Well metal folks-I'm outie for now-more next month! See ya in the pit!!!!!!!!!