Goldmine Price Guide to Rock ‘n Roll Memorabilia 24.95 (Krause Publ.)
Mark Allen Baker

By Paul Moffett

Lots of music fans collect records of various kinds and most of those fans know that lurking somewhere in their stack of old 45s is that $500 copy of the Beatles' first recording for Veejay. Or something like that. There are lots and lots of books that list prices for those kinds of recordings.

But what about that Elvis scarf your aunt snagged that time she was in Vegas? Or that program from the Monterey Festival with Jimi Hendrix autograph? How about that poster from the Deads first show thats still rolled up in the attic? Finding information about prices of items like that has been virtually impossible, up to now. Now, however, comes this 765-page paperback from Mark Allen Baker detailing all that information and more.

Baker divides his book into two sections. The first is a primer on collecting Rock 'n Roll memorabilia, including discussions of reproductions and counterfeits; personally owned items; autographed posters and guitar picks. This is a very useful section and should be required reading before moving onto the next section: The Rock 8: Roll Directory.

The R&R Directory lists artists alphabetically and gives a brief biographical sketch of each artist or group, followed by evaluations of their autographs, posters & press kits, used clothing and equipment and a note on "Often Overlooked Memorabilia." The bio material is useful for reference purposes, such as settling bar arguments, but surfing the book for stuff you might have is far and away more interesting.

The section on the Beatles notes that memorabilia from the group has accounted for some 25-30% of all major rock 'n' roll auction lots over the past decade. Despite the fact that this section is the largest for any single group, there are frequent suggestions to "consult a more specific resource." Elvis collectors will also find this reference common.

Take note that this work does not cover recordings at all, although it does cover awards for recordings. such as gold records given to artists.

While this book is not for the casual collector, it is likely to be indispensable for the serious memorabiliac and, at 24.95, affordable. Available at most major bookstores.