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Mark Gibbs

By Michael W. Stout

Louisville artist Mark Gibbs hit the nail on the head when he titled his self-penned album Crossroads. A crossroad being a "place of intersection of two or more roads" by definition, this collection of tunes is a "place of intersection of two or more musical styles." This album offers something for fans of every genre of music.

This musical spectrum includes the 60's rock 'n' roller "I Like It A Lot," a Spanish feel on "There's Never Been No One Like You," the bluesy, Elvis Presley-style of "You Said," and the rockabilly "What About Love." Musical themes equally span a broad spectrum from an anthem of praise for dear ole Mom on "The Lady Was My Mom," to rekindling lost romance in "Tonight We're Single (Let's Fool Around)," true love in "Just Plain Jane" and hopes of retaliation for a lost love in "You're Gonna Get Yours."

Traveling days are over--you'll find what you're looking for on Mark Gibbs' Crossroads.