Just Stop to Listen (independent)
Peace in the Jones

By Robert Gruber

While I've never seen this band live, I've seen their name in the papers a lot, so I assume they play around Louisville quite a bit. Clearly, this Nashville 5-piece is a "musician's band," very talented players who make this material sound good.

It could be described as "organic" –jazzy, trippy "jam-band" type stuff that could play second stage on the H.O.R.D.E. tour. Lyrically, however, beware! – lots of good-vibe, New Age yadda-yadda designed to expand your mind (assuming there's room for expansion). This would've made a better instrumental album, but that's no crack on singer Kirk Whitehouse – he's an excellent singer.

Keyboardist Mark Cherry fills the mix with nice runs and swirls, and I love the sound of that upright bass that Dan Immel is thumbing. Good clean production by the band brings all the instruments to the fore. Dead-heads, Spread-heads, Phish-heads and your head will dig it, man – just don't inhale! Peace!