News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey pit people - what's up? Read on, read on.

Check out some of these upcoming shows headed our way for December:

 December 1 at the Toy Tiger-Suicidal Tendencies. Jughead's Revenge opens.

 December 4 - also at the Tiger, Flaw will play a record release show for their self-titled debut. The show will also feature My Own Victim, Faceplant and Engrind. Be there!!

 December 10. Check out Faceplant, Shapeless Matrix and Flaw at The Playground.

 December 9. A big show in Lexington at Rupp Arena: Kiss, Psycho Circus Tour and special guest Pantera.

 December 12 at P.J.'s Pub on Taylor Blvd, it'll be Abominant, Thorns of the Carrion, Assisting Sorrow and Encrypted Flesh. This show will only cost you five bones and the first 50 metalheads in the door get a free Abominant mini-CD. Be there!!

 Also on December 12 at the Toy Tiger, Earth Crisis and Hatebreed hammer some chords for ya!

 Hope everyone got to check out Motley Crue at the Palace theatre on November 11. Please see my review in this issue.

 I hope everyone got to check out the Gobblestock show presented by 100.5 The Fox. I didn't get to catch this one, but heard that Godsmack blew everyone away!!

That's all for me this month-look for some CD reviews in next month's issue. See ya later, people of the pit!!